Sunday, October 30, 2011

Future of Family Medicine Blog Celebrates One Year of Blogging

Kevin Bernstein, MD,MMS
Future of Family Medicine Blog

Just about one year ago, Sebastian and I decided to start the Future of Family Medicine Blog. During this time, the blog has been featured in local, state, regional, and national presentations as a successful example of social media use by medical students and residents. We were also nominated for best new health weblog for 2010, only 3 months after starting up! We have been cross-posted on KevinMD on numerous occasions and received international attention from the International Conference on Residency Education. Several of our authors have held key positions in the AAFP, STFM, AMA as well as within medical schools, family medicine residency programs, and state chapters of national organizations.

Although the frequency of postings has decreased recently since many of the authors have started internship and application/interviewing for family medicine residencies, we want to thank all of our dedicated readers, followers, and individuals who have shared our message with your communities, medical associations, patients, and most importantly, the future of our great specialty, family medicine.

This past week I released a video that I have worked on for a number of months to promote the Family Medicine Revolution (#FMRevolution).  I did not know when would be a great time to release it publicly and if it would actually make an impact.  Being as this is the first year anniversary of the blog, I figured it would be a great gift to our readers and loyal followers.  I also realized that this is a very interesting time for the future of our specialty:

So far, the video has received social media attention around the world, including the AFMRD and STFM list-servs, and by the current AAFP President, Dr. Stream.

It really is amazing how much the Family Medicine Revolution has progressed and how much momentum family medicine has gained within the past year.  I am hopeful that this blog has helped in the process and that it will continue to provide fresh perspectives for the future of family medicine - the only true primary care specialty.