About the Authors

Kevin Bernstein, MD, MMS (BernieMD31): A Family Medicine resident and social media family medicine advocate. Follow @BernieMD31 on twitter!

Sebastian Tong, MD, MPH: A Family Medicine Intern who also completed a Health Care Management and Policy MPH program

Jessica Johnson, MD, MPH: Family Medicine Intern

Chris Baumert, MD: A Family Medicine Resident with an interest in health care policy.

Kimberly Becher, MD: A Family Medicine Resident and mom, interested in primary care advocacy

Andy Lutzkanin, MD (MaverickMD2012): A Family Medicine Intern. Follow @MaverickMD2012 on twitter!

Aaron George, DO (FightForTheFuture): A family medicine intern who has a love for health leadership, health policy, and medical history and is passionate about increasing awareness and action on these issues.

Chelsea McGuire: A third year medical student interested in family and social medicine. 

Raymond Tsai, MD, MS (@RayCTsai on twitter): A family medicine resident, who is interested in community health and promoting healthy lifestyles through example.

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