Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is the #FMRevolution?

Jay W. Lee, MD, MPH, who blogs at the California Academy of Family Physicians website, recently posted about the Family Medicine Revolution.

It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to make his publication our first official cross-post on the Future Of Family Medicine Blog!

We have made this post a "page", making it accessible from any post that you may be reading as a reminder of our dedication to the continuing advocacy and promotion of awareness for the primary care workforce that our patients and country needs.

As medical students committed to family medicine, we are allies in the #FMRevolution and look forward to the upcoming development of an official Family Medicine Revolution interactive website as well as other projects that are created.

The status quo is not ok - we will not let others determine our roles as primary care physicians... Now Is Our Time.  Vive la résistance!

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